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Breaking Barriers in Coffee Culture: Empowering Change with Kelley Smith, Founder of BaristaSource LLC.

Kelley Smith, once immersed in the bustling world of coffee, saw beyond the espresso machines to the barriers that held back aspiring baristas and entrepreneurs. Despite her passion and expertise, she encountered a glass ceiling that stifled her ambitions—a ceiling that disproportionately affects people of color in the coffee industry. Determined to dismantle these barriers and create opportunities for all, Kelley founded BaristaSource LLC. in 2019.

Since its inception, BaristaSource has become a nationwide force, training over 200 baristas and empowering more than 50 coffee shops owned by people of color to open their doors.

The initiative extends beyond training and consulting; it serves at-risk youth, individuals re-entering the workforce, and aspiring coffee shop owners eager to break into the market.

BaristaSource stands out with its free barista training program, specifically designed for unemployed individuals. Upon certification, participants are connected with potential employers, ensuring a smooth transition into meaningful employment. Partnering with The Black Coffee Company Atlanta, BaristaSource brings quality coffee education to underserved communities, promoting inclusivity and opportunity nationwide.

Kelley's vision for BaristaSource transcends coffee training—it's about cultivating a supportive community and reshaping industry standards. By consulting with both independent and chain coffee shops on sustainable growth strategies, BaristaSource aims to foster equity and inclusivity within the coffee culture.

As we look ahead to the future of coffee culture, BaristaSource continues to pave the way with our diverse offerings aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs and coffee aficionados alike. Whether you're contemplating opening your own coffee shop or aiming to refine your barista skills, we have something for you:

Join us for our upcoming "Should I Open Up a Coffeeshop or Not?" webinar on June 29, 2024, where industry experts will guide you through the essentials of starting and managing a successful coffee business.

If you're ready to jumpstart your career as a barista, don't miss our intensive 2-Day Barista Training sessions available on various dates throughout the year. Perfect your craft under the guidance of seasoned professionals and prepare for a fulfilling career in coffee.

For those with dreams of owning a coffee shop, our comprehensive 3-Day Coffeeshop Ownership Workshop, also offered on various dates, provides the strategic insights and practical knowledge needed to launch and sustain a thriving coffee business.

Curious to learn more about Kelley's transformative journey and BaristaSource LLC, or interested in helping us move the mission forward? We're always looking for like-minded sponsors or grants to support our cause. Discover how you can be part of the movement!

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