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Of course, there was a time when getting a job in coffee was as easy as walking into a cafe, dropping off a resume, and giving a good smile. Oh how times have changed! Being a barista is no longer the thing you do to work your way through college; it’s a respected, full-time profession with passionate, smart and dedicated people.


“The term ‘professional barista’ simply did not exist in coffee 30 years ago. This role in the industry was built in no small part by large coffee retailers who brought the professional barista to the masses, and baristas now grace our cafes on a daily basis.”

Which means that if you want to be a barista, you’re going to have to do a little more than know how to brew a French press.

That's where we come in!  We offer various courses and classes delivered in a fully immersive environment, which allows learners to graduate completely ready to contribute at a high level for today's top specialty coffee companies or prepared to run their own.

We also provide non-certified Barista training courses for the Novice Barista.  A fun approach to learning about coffee.
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Upcoming dates for Coffee Ownership Workshop 2022

Upcoming dates for 2 day Barista training certification.