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Virtual Coffee Tastings

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Supporting Local Roasters while expanding your coffee knowledge

From internationally sourced beans to your morning cup, learn all about the coffee process and how to taste different types of coffee.

What to Expect?

In this in-depth virtual tasting experience, a coffee professional will discuss how coffee is grown and processed and guide participants in tasting and describing a variety of coffee flavors. Followed by a Q&A where participants can ask about anything coffee!


This session typically covers:

  • A short introduction on the process of making coffee

  • Tasting at least 3 different types of coffee samplings from your kit: assessing appearance, aroma, taste, and body

  • Where do your coffee beans come from? In between sips, participants will learn about the international origins and history of coffee.

  • Best practices on preparing and serving brewed coffee, including grinding and brewing methods


Note: This activity is not suitable for people with any coffee ingredient allergies.

 Shipping: U.S. only. Additional fees to ship outside the continental U.S. may apply.


  • Designed Invitation for Participants

  • Coffee Tasting Kit

Our kit typically includes a handpicked selection of 3 types of internationally sourced coffee.

  • US Shipping & Shipping Insurance

As part of our shipping insurance policy, if kits are lost, delayed, or damaged while in transit, we will do our best to send the participant a replacement kit.

  • Coffee Expert

  • Address Collection Form

  • Zoom Link


Required From You

  • Access to Boiling Hot Water

Kettle or pot that can hold at least 50oz (or a 64 oz yeti that can hold hot temperatures)

  • Ability to Use Zoom (Free)

  • At Least 2 Mugs

  • Mailing Addresses

Bookings that are not completed 15 business days in advance will be required to add Rush Processing. Additional shipping fees for destinations outside of the continental U.S. may still apply.

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